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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a California Correctional Health Care Services employee?

      1) To search our bulletins, go to our Find a Bulletin page. Review each one until you find one or more that matches your education and experience. If interested, complete the appropriate assessment. (Some are online self-assessments and others are paper applications.)

      2) If you complete an online self-assessment, you will get your score immediately. If the assessment is not online, you will need to follow the hyperlink to our Department website, download the appropriate paperwork, complete it, and return it to our Selection staff. Within approximately three weeks of receipt, you will receive your score.

      3) Once you have a successful score, you may begin to apply for vacancies. To find vacancies, go to our Vacancy Search page..

  • Where do I find the minimum qualifications and assessment tools?

      Information regarding our civil service classifications, along with hyperlinks to appropriate assessments, can be found by clicking the link: Search Bulletins.

      Click on the classification of interest to read the Bulletin of interest, which details the minimum qualifications and instructions on how to complete that classification’s civil service assessment process. Many of the assessments can be completed and submitted online.

  • Where do I find the standard state application (form 678)?

      The state application can be found at

      Please note: your username and password for this website will not work on other websites, such as the State Personnel Board website.

  • What types of Employment applications does California Correctional Health Care Services use?

      We accept two applications:

      1) For your convenience we offer an Online Application for most of our vacancies. To use the Online Application, look at the top or bottom of the job posting and click the “Apply Now” link. If you don’t see the link, then follow the instructions on the job posting for mailing an application.

      2) We also often allow you to apply by mail with the Standard State Application. Sometimes this is referred to as “Form 678.”

  • How long will it take to receive results after I complete an assessment?

      You will receive results immediately after completing an online assessment. If you complete a paper assessment, you will usually receive your results within approximately three weeks after our office has received your materials and scored them. If you have not received a formal notification within three weeks, please contact the California Correctional Health Care Services Selection Services Section at (916) 445-1086.

  • Are the online self assessment tools timed?

      No, the online assessments are not timed, but they must be finished in one session. If there is no activity for 30 minutes, however, the session is ended automatically to protect your information.

  • Can I complete the assessment for my classification prior to being California State Licensed?

      Applicants who do not possess the required California license for the following classifications will be allowed to complete the assessment but must secure the required license before they will be considered eligible for appointment.

      Chief Psychiatrist, C&RS
      Clinical Laboratory Technician, CF
      Clinical Social Worker, (H/CF)
      Dental Hygienist, CF
      Dentist, CF
      Nurse Anesthetist, CF
      Nurse Consultant I/II/III, CF
      Nurse Instructor, CF
      Nurse Practitioner, CF
      Physician Assistant, CF
      Psychiatric Technician (Safety)
      Psychologist-Clinical, CF
      Public Health Nurse I/II/III, CF
      Radiologic Technologist, CF
      Registered Nurse, CF
      Senior Psychiatrist (Spec. & Sup.), CF
      Senior Psychologist (Spec. & Sup.), CF
      Staff Psychiatrist, C&RS
      Supervising Dental Assistant, CF
      Supervising Clinical Social Worker I, CF

  • How can I check to see if my name is on the Eligibility List after I have completed the civil service assessment process?

      On most of our assessments, you can only receive one of three scores – which mean you initially start in one of three ranks. However, veterans of the military can apply to add Veterans Preference Points to their civil service scores (for some assessments), which will often create additional ranks on the list. If you would like to see how you rank on a statewide basis, you can check the State Personnel Board’s website: You will need to register on this website, and then you may be able to locate your civil service assessment scores. (However, if you were born with a different last name, our assessment results may not appear under your SPB account.)

  • How do I apply for Veterans Preference Points, and how are they used?

      Veterans Preference Points are awarded to individuals by the State Personnel Board. They can be applied to many civil service assessment scores. (The Examination Bulletin will indicate if Veterans Preference Points apply to the examination.) To learn more, visit our Department website. It has a link to the State Personnel Board form and explains how you obtain your points.

  • After applying, how long will it be before I hear back?

      When you apply for a vacancy, your application is sent to a Human Resource Office, where it is carefully reviewed and screened. The most competitive applications are forwarded to a hiring manager for review. Applications are reviewed and determinations are made on who should be scheduled for an interview. If you are successful, the Human Resource Office will contact you and schedule an interview. This process can take as little as a few weeks, or as long as several months. Employment with California Correctional Health Care Services is very competitive. Look carefully at your application, and carefully describe your employment history and list all of your professional licenses and degrees. Make your application stand out by describing in great detail your work history. Most of all, keep applying. Even if you have applied to the same institution, your application may be reviewed each time by a different hiring manager or for a position where different skill-sets are desired. So keep trying.

  • How do I check to see which locations are currently marked on my application?

      When completing an online self-assessment (or a Supplemental Application) you must select a location (or locations) where you would be willing to consider employment. If you do not remember which locations you selected, you may call the CCHCS Selection Services Section at (916) 445-1086.

  • How many ranks are there?

      Certification lists may have up to nine ranks, but an applicant must be in the top three ranks to be hired. Many of the licensed medical, dental and mental health certification lists consist of only three ranks.

  • How do I find out where the vacancies exist?

      You can find information about our vacancies in several ways:

      1) You can search for vacancies on this website.

      2) Visit the State Personnel Board's Vacancy Search site by clicking the link below:

      3) Or you can call our toll-free number at 1-877-793-HIRE (4473) to speak to a Recruiter.

  • Does California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) offer Part Time employment positions?

      The availability of part-time positions is based on the needs of individual institutions. The CCHCS offers five time bases for employment: Full Time Permanent, Part Time Permanent, Full Time Limited Term, Part Time Limited Term and Permanent Intermittent.

      1. Full Time Permanent — The employee works the amount of time required to be compensated at a full-time rate. This is usually forty hours per week.

      2. Part Time Permanent — The employee works the amount of time required to be compensated on an hourly rate of pay. The job posting will indicate the number of hours and/or fractional time-base.

      3. Full Time Limited Term — The employee works the required amount of time to be considered full-time, but for a period not to exceed two years. Limited Term appointments do not confer civil service employment rights beyond the specified time period.

      4. Part Time Limited Term — The employee works the amount of time required to be compensated on an hourly rate of pay, but for a period not to exceed two years. Limited Term appointments do not confer civil service employment rights beyond the specified time period.

      5. Permanent Intermittent — The employee works periodically or for a fluctuating portion of the full-time work schedule. A Permanent Intermittent employee may work up to 1,500 hours in any calendar year. With permanent intermittent employment, hours and schedule of work are based on the needs of the institution.

  • Does the Department offer a 20/20 program?

      Currently, the Department does not participate in a 20/20 program. A 20/20 program is designed to allow an employee to work 20 hours per week and attend classes/training for 20 hours per week, while receiving full-time pay.

  • Does the Department offer Loan Repayment Options?

      The Department participates in the National Health Service Corps Federal Loan Repayment Program.

      To learn more about Federal Loan Repayment Programs and Scholarship opportunities available to California Correctional Health Care Services employees, please visit our Department website.

  • How do I laterally transfer to California Correctional Health Care Services from another State agency?

      To transfer laterally to California Correctional Health Care Services from another institution or another State agency:

      1) Fill out a Standard State Application and write "lateral transfer" on the application.

      2) Send the application to the address listed on the vacancy. You may also submit an Online Application if one is provided, and simply type “Lateral Transfer” on the open text box at the top of the application.

      3) If you are qualified and vacancies exist, the Personnel office will contact you and schedule an interview.

      You can learn more about Lateral Transfers on the State Personnel Board website.

  • What type of visa must I have to work for the Department?

      The Department accepts the H1B visa, but you should be aware that the process is very lengthy and can take months to complete. Note: You must have a job offer from an institution before this is pursued

      The Department does not currently participate as a sponsoring organization in the Exchange Visitor Visa program (J1 visa).

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