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Executive Level Careers

Are you interested in shaping the future of correctional medicine? Are you ready for a challenging, yet rewarding and fulfilling career? As a vital member of our dedicated team, your role is important to helping CCHCS meet our mission of improving the health outcomes of the diverse patient population we serve. CCHCS has outstanding executive career opportunities in the following classifications:

CCHCS executive team member • Associate Director, Activation Management,   CEA A
• Associate Director, CEA A, ITMA
• Chief Executive Officer, Health Care (Safety)
• Chief Medical Executive
• Chief Nurse Executive
• Deputy Director, Corrections Services, CEA B
• Deputy Director, Facility Planning &   Activation, CEA B
• Special Assistant to the Undersecretary,   Health Care Services, CEA A

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“With the arrival of new technology and a supportive administration, the future is bright during these challenging fiscal times.”

— Chief Executive Officer
30 years experience
1 year with State Prison