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Executive Level Careers

If the guiding passion that drives your career pursuits is to end needless suffering — this is simply the most compelling opportunity imaginable. As one of our Executives, you will be able to play a defining role in improving the overall care of our over 100,000 prison inmates. This will involve developing and maintaining ongoing programs to deliver, monitor, evaluate and improve the quality of patient care. Specifically, this involves ensuring continuous quality improvement and sustaining a constitutional level of medical care

CPHS executive team memberWe employ Executives across the spectrum:

• Receiver’s Medical Executives
• Receiver’s Nurse Executives
• Receiver’s Chief Executives
• Receiver’s Clinical Executives

Ideally, you will also have clinical experience in a correctional facility as well as a background in program design and development.

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“With the arrival of new technology and a supportive administration, the future is bright during these challenging fiscal times.”

— Chief Executive Officer
30 years experience
1 year with State Prison