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Allied Health Careers

Our commitment to elevating the quality of care for California’s over 100,000 prison inmates involves the full continuum of clinical treatment with dedicated health care professionals in a wide variety of areas contributing to our historic mission. This includes the complete spectrum of allied health disciplines. While you may never have considered a career within correctional health care, if you are an allied health professional seeking a higher level of professional challenge and fulfillment, we feel that this would be an exceptional opportunity for you. Our allied health team includes:

CPHS allied health professional• Clinical Dietitians
• Clinical Laboratory Technologists
• Food Administrators
• Health Records Technicians
• Laboratory Assistants
• Medical Transcribers
• Occupational Therapists
• Pharmacy Technicians
• Physical Therapists
• Radiologic Technologists
• Respiratory Care Practitioners
• Respiratory Care Supervisors
• Speech Pathologists
• Sr. Clinical Lab Technologists
• Sr. Radiologic Technologists

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“Although the pressures are high, and the challenges great, there is an amazing camaraderie among staff.”

— Health Records Technician I
15 years experience
5 years with State Prison