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Prior to applying for any vacancy, you must first obtain eligibility for your civil-service classification. There are three ways to obtain eligibility:

  1. If you are currently employed by the State of California in the same or a comparable classification
  2. If you have been previously employed by the State of California in the same or a comparable classification.
  3. If you have successfully completed the corresponding civil-service self-assessment and received a passing score and are reachable.
  • Once you have completed the civil-service self-assessment, your name, location, tenure and time-base preferences will be added to the state Employment Certification List for that civil-service classification.
  • As new vacancies become available, candidates on the Employment Certification List will receive Employment Inquiry letters. These forms must be completed and returned by the deadline given with a current application. If you wish to apply online, simply note this on your Employment Inquiry form, and return the form to the address listed on it.

If you do not fall into any of the three (above) categories, you will not be considered for any vacancy.

For more information about Eligibility, please visit the California Department of Human Resources' web site.


When you receive your notice of self-assessment results (online or written), it will indicate your total score. If you are in Rank 1, 2, or 3, you can immediately begin looking for vacancies. Even if you are in a lower rank, you could become reachable as hires are made.

To see where your score ranks on the eligibility list, click here.


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