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Administrative Careers

Thank you for your interest in our employment opportunities with California Correctional Health Care Services. We are seeking exceptional administrative professionals dedicated and ready to provide our health care staff with the support they need to improve quality access to health care.

If you enjoy solving problems, analyzing issues, placing customers first, and acting in a professional manner, then we would like to hear from you.

We have provided links (below) to help you start your search. Please read the Bulletin, and if qualified, click the link under “Test Instrument.” If you complete an online self-assessment, you will receive a score immediately upon completion. If your test instrument is a State Application or a State Application and Supplemental Application, then you will receive your score approximately three weeks after our Selection Services Staff receives your paperwork.

If your score is successful, you will be placed onto a Certification List of eligible candidates. After receiving a score for the Certification List, you are welcome to apply to the vacancies in that classification that interest you. Please follow the “How To Apply” instructions on the job posting and submit your application. Only the most competitive candidates will be considered for an interview. Should you be chosen, you will be contacted by the Personnel Office.

Please note: there are several other civil-service classifications not listed in the table below. They are only offered on a promotional or “as-needed” basis. We update the list as those assessments become available on this page. You can also search for additional assessments and career opportunities offered by other Departments on the www.jobs.ca.gov web site.

EXAM BULLETINS -- Describes salary, benefits, minimum requirements and how to apply.TEST INSTRUMENTVACANCIES
Administrative Assistant IAssessmentVacancies
Associate Governmental Program AnalystOnline AssessmentVacancies
Attorney IVOnline AssessmentVacancies
Attorney VOnline AssessmentVacancies
Custodian Supervisor II (Correctional Facility)Online Self-AssessmentVacancies
Custodian Supervisor III (Correctional Facility)Online Self-AssessmentVacancies
Custodian, CFOnline Self-AssessmentVacancies
Instructional Designer (Technology), Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training<<Read Bulletin<<Read Bulletin
Lead Custodian, Correctional FacilityOnline Self-AssessmentVacancies
Management Services TechnicianOnline AssessmentVacancies
Office Assistant (General) and (Typing)AssessmentVacancies
Office Technician (General/Typing)AssessmentVacancies
Personnel SpecialistOnline AssessmentVacancies
Personnel Technician IOnline AssessmentVacancies
Personnel Technician II (Specialist)Online AssessmentVacancies
Personnel Technician II (Supervisor)Online AssessmentVacancies
Senior Personnel SpecialistOnline AssessmentVacancies
Staff Services AnalystOnline AssessmentVacancies
Staff Services Manager IOnline AssessmentVacancies
Staff Services Manager II (Managerial)Online AssessmentVacancies
Staff Services Manager II (Supervisory)Online AssessmentVacancies
Staff Services Manager IIIOnline AssessmentVacancies

Forgot your password? Then click here. Need a Standard State Application? Then click here.


For all other employment opportunities with the state of California, please visit the State Personnel Board web site at www.jobs.ca.gov. Search the bulletins, and if you find one that interests you, follow the instructions to apply.

What Happens Next?

After successful completion of your self-assessment, your name is placed onto an employment eligibility list and you will be contacted by state agencies as new vacancies become available. At that time, they will request your state application. Only the most competitive candidates will be considered for an interview. Should you be chosen, you will be contacted by phone.

Contact a Recruiter today by calling toll-free 1-877-793-4473 or by emailing medcareers@cdcr.ca.gov.


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